Sunday, May 15, 2011

kadang-kadang saya rasa letih dgn perkara yg tak kunjung tiba.

kadang-kadang ia ada di dpan mata,tapi saya sembunyikan diri kerana tak dpat nk terima kenyataan yg sedia ada

kadang-kadang saya resah gelisah tapi saya tutup dgn gelak ketawa

but until when?

is there an exit for every unsolved problem in my heart?

i always believe, everything that happen is in God's hand, and i keep praying

its not that every problem keep appearing every min

but when it's come,it's like the end of everything

saya tau saya kuat

tapi kadang-kadang, saya jatuh tersungkur kerana kekuatan itu sendiri

saya terbaca yang senjata wanita apabila dlm kesulitan adalah air mata

and i think that i have lots of it!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

long journey~

rasa macam da lama tak moncoret-coret kat blogni,heh~ but suddenly got idea,and today is the best day to coret-coret. basically i can't said that i'm fully employed, but i'm on my way there. going on training, learning new things before battling in the real work life. but what had been bothering me lately was, my brother suggested to me to become a part time insurance seller...(he has a friend working in the industry and he wants me to go and have a try). for me,its definitely sounds weird because i dont even know how's insurance work,to start with.

so when his friend give us some briefing about the product and things that we need to be promoted, i'm definitely blur. seriously, i dont even know whether i'm interested or not. but because my brother is an accountant, he's assured me that this is an important investment that should be made by everybody.again,my mind keep thinking where on the earth i will find a person to sell this skim with?hurm, negative thought from the beginning,heh~

then las nite we got to listen to some briefing, and my brother said that, he wants to enter this field because he wants to know the exact way how actually the insurance work. and he hope that after he join it, our family can have proper protection. maybe our close friends also.....hurm,i think i get some of the idea, and maybe i need to do some research in order to understand the whole friends, i wouldnt provoke you to buy insurance (takaful) from me(heh~), but maybe if you want to get some idea on how it works, maybe we can work it together...for better future life insyaAllah.....

p/s: i'll only know that there were lots of takaful skim,for women, for hajj and etc....amazing,amazing~

Sunday, February 13, 2011

masanya telah tiba?

pening~pening.rsa mcm nk pindah rumah!!padahal cuma menumpang berteduh kt rumah dr habis 1 almari dipunggah tak tau baju ape yg nak dibawa.... tomorrow will be a busy day!mahu settlekan everything before starting a new chapter. no feeeeeelings at all~utk ape yg bakal terjadi dan hampir-hampir terjadi (heh~). anyway sentiasa berdoa supaya Allah tetapkan hati saya,permudahkan perjalanan urusan saya dan kurniakan ketabahan untuk hari-hari yg mendatang. (kredit to en omar yang terus-menerus menghulurkan duit untuk anakandanya yang tak pernah nak mnyimpan duit scholar dolu-dolu, time2 camni menggelabah takde saving,hahaha).

anyway,yesterday was a fun day. gather with rakan-rakan susah senang saya. update gosip di tgh2 panas smbil mngusha2 pngantin. rasa mcm sekejap sgt masa berlalu.gmbar pengantinpn dpt snap 1 je,2pn gsip diteruskan dkt kenduri pertunangan umi.Alhamdulillah, i've participated in umi's engagement! haha,ingat lagi dulu umi selalu berseloroh, eh klu tunang aku tak ajak, time kahwin aku ajakla. tp dia ajak,jd saya dtg mnyerbu!! seorg lg join the club~kelab tunang2 org,hahaha~

tapi,saya bahagia bila tgk kawan bahagia.insyaAllah klu dpt kad 2 akan sedaya upaya saya datang ke majlis. wlupn org akan bertanya turn saya bila,saya buat2 tak faham jela.wlupn kawan2 saya da start bincang2 pasal bdget kahwin 2011, saya buat2 tak dgr jela,hahahaha~life is fun if we know how to make fun of it.jd kepada pengantin2 baru dan bakal pengantin,congratulations!!!semoga bahagia dunia akhirat insyaAllah

dgn bakal puan umi~

depan rumah baru umi!!thanx 4 inviting~

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Rahmat Ujian

Album : Layar Keinsafan
Munsyid : Mestica

Dalam derita ada bahagia
Dalam gembira mungkin terselit duka
Tak siapa tahu
Tak siapa pinta ujian bertamu

Bibir mudah mengucap sabar
Tapi hatilah yang remuk menderita
Insan memandang
Mempunyai berbagai tafsiran

Segala takdir
Terimalah dengan hati yang terbuka
Walau terseksa ada hikmahnya

Harus ada rasa bersyukur
Di setiap kali ujian menjelma
Itu jelasnya membuktikan
Allah mengasihimu setiap masa
Diuji tahap keimanan
Sedangkan ramai terbiar dilalaikan
Hanya yang terpilih sahaja
Antara berjuta mendapat rahmatNya

Allah rindu mendengarkan
Rintihanmu berpanjangan
Bersyukurlah dan tabahlah menghadapi

Segala takdir
Terimalah dengan hati yang terbuka
Walau terseksa ada hikmahnya

Allah rindu mendengarkan
Rintihanmu berpanjangan
Bersyukurlah dan tabahlah menghadapi
Segala ujian diberi
Maka bersyukurlah selalu

Friday, February 11, 2011

my wish~

1. i wish that i made a good decision when there are choices~

2. i wish i'm not a burden for my parents since i'm unemployed and unmarried (heh~)

3.i wish i'm strong enough to fulfill my ambition,i wish even though it takes years (or decades?)

4. i wish that when i'm being test by God, i will become more stronger, and decline to crying excessively without valid reason~should think wisely and bring myself closer towards Allah.

5. i wish,rather than blaming others about my failures, why didnt i sit for a minute and thinking about my fault?

6. i wish my friends will live happily ever after and bring success towards whatever they are doing right now. (dr mar, en ping,en tenk, datin mjid,toh puan jana,en sar,cik cha,puan sri lala and all of my wonderful friends~be strong!!)

7. i wish i can further my studies,if not now,maybe later?

8. i wish that i have a successful career build with what i had been chosen since my university year.

9. i wish i have a good companion, that can guide me and our future little soldiers,in this world and hereafter.

10. i wish he would look back at me,even only for once?

last but not least, i wish all of us practise Islam as our lifestyle, rather than admitting as Islam, but act otherwise....

Thursday, February 10, 2011


yesterday i'm reading an article in harakah written by tuan guru nik aziz.i'm not talking about politic,but since harakah have lots of slot about religion's perspectives, i'm enjoyed reading it. basically the article talks about politics, but what attract me most was the words that has been used by tuan guru. he said that

" Dlm Quran, Allah tak sebut wahai orang-orang Islam, tp Allah sebut wahai orang-orang yang beriman"

the sentence itself makes me think a lot. as we know Malaysia is an Islamic country. Every single Malay that i met is a Muslim (i dont know someone whom i never met~). So basically we can see that the teaching of Islam is not being fully practised here. even me myself, needs lots of improvement to become a better Muslim. If we believe in Rukun Islam, it doesnt make us complete. we need to accompany it with Rukun Iman. "Beriman dgn Allah s.w.t" adakah kita termasuk dalam golongan itu? adakah kita perasan atau pura-pura tidak tahu bahawa segala bentuk kemenangan yang dijanjikan Allah adalah untuk orang yg beriman, bukannya org Islam?

Actually i'm not qualified enough to discuss it further but its more a reminder for myself. we pray five times a day, but there were several things that Allah forbid, but still we practise it leisurely. maybe it just me,maybe it just as a servant of Him, let us prays every single day to live as as mu'min, and die as a mu'min insyaAllah...

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

just yesterday i'm head over heels with korean dramas, today i'm learning something new. when we talk about korea, people will say about their entertainment,soccer or technology. but thats not all, because when i''ll opened the kbs channel this morning, it shows the documentary of ramadhan in SEOUL!! wah, people wouldnt make it documentary if they are not interested rite? they also want to know why Muslims are fasting in the month of Ramadan~

eventhough majority of the people in the interview was foreigners (saudi arabia,indonesia, african and definitely the imam of the masjid is MALAYSIAN!!proud...proud....proud), there is this man,i forgot his name but purely korean muslim, sharing his first time to fast in that ramadhan. and he's the same age with me!!(okay that's out of point). and the best sentence i heard on that program was

"For non muslim, Ramadhan means fasting, but for Muslim it means enjoying the act of ibadah through emptying their stomach"-erk,sort of

wow,wow and wow!!and we here only thinking about bazar ramadan,ok mybe thats only me=p
but it do open my eyes. one of the event they celebrated during ramadan was the hafazan competition, from a kid as small as 4 years old to adult. and that man i've told you before, his voice when he recite it was DAEBAK!!!he's really good in it. ok mybe i'm exaggerated but thats the fact of me,ohooooooi~

and then comes hari raya. they're happy, really happy with the coming eid, but at the same time feel sad with the end of ramadan.the mosque was full of people ,takbir and praying solat eidulfitr.
they thank god for giving them opportunity to celebrate the day of winning for muslim.....

basically i'm learning lots of things from this documentary. becos i'm being born as a Muslim, i'm taking everything in granted. so i need to look back, and look forward to be more sincere in everything i do. to upgrade my worship towards Allah. to purify my soul and gives my best to Him.i believe in the beauty of Islam, and i want it to spread all over the world,freely. lets we all do the best in spreading the words of Islam.

Firman Allah SWT: "Katakanlah: Hai hamba-hambaKu yang melampaui batas terhadap diri mereka sendiri, janganlah kamu berputus asa terhadap rahmat Allah. Sesungguhnya Allah mengampuni dosa-dosa semuanya. Sesungguhnya Dialah Yang Maha Pengampun lagi Maha Penyayang." (Az-Zumar:53)