Tuesday, December 21, 2010

first impression

ok,quit talking about serious staff,its not like i'm going to be be the next PM. Lets talk about real situation,that you always encounter in your life. i'm satisfied with myself, even though i'm not perfect. i'm not close enough to become 'pujaan malaya', i'm more towards invisible person. i'll admit i'm a shy person, which really100x have problem to build a new relationship. as an example, if i'm going a new place, it takes me an age to show my comfortable side to the other party. why am i like that? i also dont know~

so i'm always listening to complaints from my friend that i've use to become passive when they 1st know me. after that, ONLY i show my true self. ok fine, i'm also had listen to words like

"she's looks like an innocent girl at first, but never thought that she's more crazy than i am"

" i never thought she's the same league wth us"


and they've also complaining that i have a blur face everytime~even i've got people to ask me personally if i have any problem with them. those are my natural face!!! please, please and please understand my natural behavior,hahaha =p


so after all, do i care? definitely no.....even my sister always complaining about my frown face, but i need it to think deeply.haha, people will always talk, but if you always act with what people said, congratulations!! you are natural born actor! or you are celebrity,wow!! we cannot satisfied all people, just be yourself. listen to good complaints is good to make your life's better, but otherwise, just dont think too much....

i've also heard that i'm a cool person when i'm having a problem. no, i'm not a cool person. lots of times i'm crying when i'm facing difficulties. but we need to get up after that. mourning too long is not good for your health.when you have a problem, take time to mourn, find the route of the problem and get up on your feets. use your own power to take over the world. sometimes we need friend to share everything but dont make people feel burden with us!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

time to look back~

"Sometimes the best way to convince someone that he is wrong is to let him have his way." –Red O’Donnell

today i'm learning something.even though its a small matter but its important to turn my life upside down.so the lesson of the day is.........


ok sincerely, i do prepare for my interview today...but not as much as i should do.because normally when i'm going to the interviu, i need to go through HR people 1st,and they will ask basic questions. booooooooo~ u're wrong. becos today i'm having an interviu with my head department, and everything is technical!! i forgot to look back to my books,studies~sigh.it makes me laugh on the way back.

why i'm laughing? supposely i'm sad rite?because its my own fault to be blame wth if i dont get the job. but people needs to learn from lesson.... keep reminds myself that its not easy to get something.need to work hard. have another job interview next week.will to start my bookworm project a.s.a.p. 4 those who'll wait patiently to cilok my 1st salary, please be more patient...i'm working hard=)

sitting freely at home those past months makes me forget about everything!!!what dgree i'm taking?farming?=)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

its been long time since i'm updating my blog~and its due to too much stress,the brain seems not working.sigh~just yesterday i'm having another inteviu, and i cannot say much whether i'll have a chance or not.basically, i'll try my best rite?is it luck that employ graduate people?not really rite?

but the bes thing i share with the interviewer was, he's saying about the problem Msia have rite now. govermen tends to create thousands of graduate in challenging subjects like biotech, biomedic,engineering,science etc but pooof~at the end of the graduation, they told u that our country doesnt have specialization on that industry and bla,bla,bla~u need to have xperience in order to enter it.so, the real situation is,if no one want to give us the specific xperience, who will?does me would end up in different industry?dont knowla

mybe its jus a problem for me,or for hundreds of graduate who still unemployed. there's really no connection between university alignment with what had been needed by the industry. something should be done, in order to ensure that wawasan 2020 will be fulfilled, and at the same time utilizing what Malaysian's have. even in the newspaper las week they said about too much doctor in training, what the? b4 this people are debating about shortage of dctor and now?too much? its either less or more rite?never accurate in both of them.....

but i strongly believe in faith..need to be strong. will be using this leisure time in order to fill up the knowledge that can be grab. the interviewer suggest me to cntinue with my master, but in oversea. becos he says that the market is more demanding there. its a good suggestion, if meets with good scholarships. will be working hard, dont want to lose hope.fghting!!!for the better future

p/s: to en omar and pn amidah, hopefully i'm not burden you,since it has been a long time that I had been unemployed=(