Friday, February 11, 2011

my wish~

1. i wish that i made a good decision when there are choices~

2. i wish i'm not a burden for my parents since i'm unemployed and unmarried (heh~)

3.i wish i'm strong enough to fulfill my ambition,i wish even though it takes years (or decades?)

4. i wish that when i'm being test by God, i will become more stronger, and decline to crying excessively without valid reason~should think wisely and bring myself closer towards Allah.

5. i wish,rather than blaming others about my failures, why didnt i sit for a minute and thinking about my fault?

6. i wish my friends will live happily ever after and bring success towards whatever they are doing right now. (dr mar, en ping,en tenk, datin mjid,toh puan jana,en sar,cik cha,puan sri lala and all of my wonderful friends~be strong!!)

7. i wish i can further my studies,if not now,maybe later?

8. i wish that i have a successful career build with what i had been chosen since my university year.

9. i wish i have a good companion, that can guide me and our future little soldiers,in this world and hereafter.

10. i wish he would look back at me,even only for once?

last but not least, i wish all of us practise Islam as our lifestyle, rather than admitting as Islam, but act otherwise....