Thursday, May 27, 2010

saya bhsan

saya bhsan,bhsan dan bhsan.byk sbenanye keja nk wat,tp i've always delay it.delay,delay,delay~mmg pnyakit jiwa btul..rsa mcm cuak tak keja lg tp mls nk mntak,muahahaha~essei tak siap lg,nk mngarang ayat lg.inteview mybe in the near fture,org 2 da bg email da,tp mlepak jua d dpn kmputer ini.mncari ktenangankah,muahaha...kesimpulannye,saya sgt lazy,sya tak mau wat pape~

tp smpai blakn?i know i should be moving.there's no one to push me except myself. jd ttba rsa bsmngat lak,skjp jela tp~ttba rsa ngntuk lak.bak to lazy mode,yeeha~

Saturday, May 22, 2010

what do we belief?

Doubt can stop you in your tracks
it can drain away your desire
Believing, on the other hand,
can set your world afire.

When you hold the opinion that
You can reach that special dream,
You have the edge needed to make
Achieving much easier than it may seem.

Believing in your ability
Affects the way you act
And produces an air of confidence
Which influences how others will react.

When you believe you can achieve
And believe it with all your soul,
You possess a powerful asset
You most likely will reach your goal.

its up to us

i'm thinking a lot, as what i had been achieved today is becos of what i had believe or what other people believe?truthfully,its becos Allah gives us His mercy but,we,as the person who had been gifted with aqal to think,do we use it as maximize as possible? I jus,it cross my mind when people starts talking back about us,do we prefer not to listen or do we chose to make a different choice in order to satisfy others...hurm,in some cases,yeah~its totally worth to change but if what we had done is somthing right,does it matter? does it hurt to have our own freedom of thinking?

its happen a lot,even when you're making a small want to eat pasta,but your fren insists on nasi lemak.its ridiculous to hang out with your fren but end up having lunch by your order not to create mischieve,you'll end up agreeing with your fren's decision. even this things happen when youre going to the university.which university would you chose?do you need to accept the offer from oversea?and etc...but what makes matter worse is when you're also listening to people when it comes to the appearance of yourself!!!

'you're look fat'

'you're look ugly'

'argh,the dress doesnt suits you'

'i think you're a loser'

so hows people cope with the situation.yeah, you have a choice to believe or not,but you dont need to take the impact seriously.its good for you to make a change,but do it for your own self.becos you love yourself.not becos you want to look good in other's eyes.especially if the one who's talking is your own byfren...youre willing to do anything,to satisfy him.if he said blue looks good on you,youll be wearing that forever~if he said youre look ugly in yellow,you throw away all those yellow 'things'. if he said you're fat,you'll go for some diet. so if he said you're ugly, do you need to risk your life by putting knife on your face?

why and why i need to mention all of this things? becos somtimes i think, people criticize others too much, even to the stage that theyll enjoy doing it. ok,theyre life is not that great,but the satisfaction to make people down is always can feel down to earth becos of your appearance,but indeed thank God for all the things that you had.stop dreaming about perfection in everything,go for satisfaction with the normal life that you have. you can be beatiful,inner and outer, if you love yourself more than anyone do.....

Thursday, May 20, 2010

it was fun,after all

today i have a fun day,with toh puan mjid=p~even at first this even is undeniably not properly plan,it has gone really well. i thought that i need fresh air,rather than sitting alone in front of the computer doing nothing,so i contact mjid~fortunately for us that shrek...forever after is being premiered today so,i'm using my full strength to run&run and grab the tickets (ok fine its a lie,i jus walk calmly to the booth and ask for tickets). becos we have to wait for adk mjid to join us together,were heading to the~kotak itam

so for the next one hour,were rather shouting and lalala~ rather than singing.soutun najah betaut kmbali,haha~mjid,nxt time we should do it again,with more members to join!!

basically,after watching shrek,i should say.....its fun and fun and 1000xfun.its not typical fairy tail,and its fun,hahaha~but what i like the most is this precious eyes of puss

he's totally cute!!!and obese too (rather than referred as "it" ,i'l prefer "he")~ even ogre knows how to fight for their own,fren,etc...its all important to us,but we take it very lightly.when the happiness is gone,thats when we know the meaning of "appreciate'". even if we connect it with our own life, i'll sure everybody knows what's the meaning behind. we have the same routine,we have the same family member, but we keep searching about something 'missing'.why dont jus grab the 'real' one,and leave the 'non-existence' one?the moral of the story: love your family more and more

i know,the fact that shrek is ugly,ugly and ugly~but he is in fact the hero in this film,and he does make his fan proud (sigh~)...even he's dragged the fiona to become someone like him (rather than being a princess?).but the whole movie is fun,and at the same time educate i do hope people will enjoy it.overall,today definitely is fun,after all~

even shrek has his own buddie,where's mine?=p

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

apbla knak2 bgaya~

today is a lousy day~lgla lousy bla ada 2 knak2 riang cba utk mncroboh blk mkcik dia cos tok mak suda telena~hurm,jd utk distract them from kecahkn my room,i've come with one idea.

1: amik tudung,amik pin,pkaikn kt mka dorg
2:amik picture,yeeha~

i want more! i want more!haha,mkcik dia yg lebih2~tp biasela knak2,pkai tdng takde selkup abehla tekeluar sma rmbut~

at the end,dorg mmg terbaikla,haha~


since small we're being provoked to read."mmbaca bku mnambah ilmu pngetahuan".hurm,sjauh mnakah kebenarannye,people know by themselves. i love to read,sgt2~ i once remember during my interview, my interviewer asked me

pkck x: did u like to read novel? (as refer to my form)
me:definitely,i'm loving it(chewah,cam wat iklan mcd lak)
pkck x:how about animation?are you into it?
me:not really,i'm more into comics
pkck x:(hesitate for seconds....) its good u know,it makes your minds more creative

so basically from this story I do think that the words reading is not limited only to ilmiah sources. even if you just take a few minutes to read the headline of newspapers, lots of thinking can be generated from your mind. does it hurts to give some times for reading and gain some,no harm at all. and i do believe that the journey is still long,there's lots that i have not known in this world. ok, i'm old, but not old enough to gather all of the knowledges surrounding this world.(ok find,i'm only 24 right)...i wish i have personal library which have shelves full of books~

so,basically i'm unemployed~and i have lots of free time....urm,i do hope i can get job as soon as possible but at the same time, i dont think i'm prepared enough to be an engineer.sigh,sigh,sigh~what else i can do=p ~

so rather than sticking myself to books,i start to read people's blog.some have their emotional burst,others keep uploading their beautiful journey of life but one things that makes me read more and more is when people try to correct themselves, at the same time they try to guide other people towards Allah.thats when i'm thinking i have lots more to learn...i have lots more to correct myself. im afterall, has long way to go. i will not hesitate to use my free time to read and learn more and more. bekerjalah as if you have 1000years to go,and beribadahla as if tomorrow you will die~