Saturday, June 26, 2010

thanx for everything

i declare today as a sad day
becos i'm crying a lot until my eyes become puffy
saya harap saya ada kekuatan
utk mnahan air mata daripada mnitis
but even izzah saw me cry~
apela,dpn bdk kecikpn tak reti nk cover
apenye mkckla sayani

tp saya dpt kekuatan
bla mjid hulurkn bntuan
bla ping hulurkan kekuatan
bla mar hulurkan kasih sayang
saya hnya insan biase
nmpak je tabah d luar tp sbenanye hati saya rapuh sperti kaca

saya tau,Allah sntiasa bsma saya
tp tak slhkn skali skala mngeluarkn air mata
utk mmbuang prasaan yg hnye saya sdiri yg rsa
hnye saya sdiri yg tau
yg tak blh nk diucap dgn kata2
sbb saya...saya mnusia biasa
dan sya prlukn kekuatan yg prlu sya bina sdiri

to dear mjid,trima kasih sbb tmankn saya
klu tak saya rsa arini saya abehkn msa dgn mngeluarkn air mata je
u'lll know that i'm not that strong,but i need to
becos i'm jus 24,and there's lots of things that i need to learn more
your companied means lots to me
ayat2 mjid dlm blog wat sya teharu yg amat sgt
da bape thn jid kta ikatan dia jid,hanya Allah yg tau
suhaili~da lma tak pnggil your real's name
will be missing u a lot
hoping for your doa always....
need to be stronger,utk mngelakkn pn amidah rsau
love u much mjid,and you know that's rite~
dgr lagu ijau daun,cri jodh,mst tringat kt ko,yeeha!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

sharing is caring

few daysni,byk sgt daydreaming kt umah.sma keja tak jln....eventhough da dpt notice for inteviu this coming 28,tp msh tak begerak2 gak main simsni.uish2,fghting2~need to prepare more.this coming 28 will be the most exciting war that i've been waited will definitely affect my future.whether i'm being accepted or not, i need to work on it first.then, lets pray to the Almighty One.He's the one who knows best about everything.there's so much 'unsettled' things in my mind but i know,i should be back to Him.i have none other than Him. Only Him Yang Maha Mendengar lg Maha Mengetahui whats the best for me....

other than playing games,i also trying my best to finish up 1 book that i found really interesting.ok, i'm not die hard fan of motivational books but i thought after few chapters this book tends to hook me up. the book labeled as "the power of positive thinking" norman vincent peale. what i've been 100% sure is thar Dr Peale is having fully faith in his religion, which is Christian. what i want to highlight is not about the way he try to persuade us into his believe, but the way he believe that there's someone up there who is listening to each words of our pray. and lots of words that he's taken is from Bible, which according to him if we utter it several times in our life, it will be bring peacefulness in our life. the question is, do we tend to put down the book when we believe that what he said is not in the same line as in Islam or do we continue and connect it with what we had been learning so far?

thats come the beauty of our aqal. to think what's right and what's wrong.i'm not done yet with my reading but so far the concept that he needs us to understand is what makes us fail from time 2 time is because of our mind thinking.we are too scared to try new things or we are dealing with the biggest picture (which in this case is the current problem) without giving a chance towards other happiness (in this case our family,frens etc).so by the end of the day,we tend to give up and in some cases,they are people who ended up by killing themselves. i believe the answer to energetic life each day comes from the energy that we consume, and the energy that we conserve.after we try our hardest in everything, pray to our Almighty God, which is Allah, who had created us and Isa a.s.He is the one who always listen to our pray. not only during five times prayer, but every single time.believe that Allah always with us.pray with sincerity and with the humbleness of a person who'd position as an abdillah~
thats come the beauty of qiamullail.its not only good for our health,but at that time~when most of the people still in their bed, we are sacrificing our sleep. telling all the stories to Him. hoping with sincerity in order to ask for forgiveness. kneel down,prostrate yourself in sujud,ask if there were no tomorrow. eventhough tomorrow's problem need to be faced, its a relief in heart if we had told all the problem the night before.yes, sometimes we are trying hard to find the person called friends,which we can trust all of our secrets, and be there all the time in our life.but thats difficult right?people tends to come and go,but He,the Almighty one,Allah which had created us, always listening to everything and only Him, is the only God.

the moral of the story is, whatever u want to do,always come back to Allah. He is the key for every success.there will be some tests right in front of you,but believe that Allah is there, and always be there. Why did not we take Quran versus which can smooth our heart and mind....Alquran is the greatest revealation in this world,and insyaAllah it will guide us to the right path~

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

hati yg gelisah

arini rsa serba tak kena,tak tau nk watpe.ptg td tman angah pg alamnda,bought few things~cek2 poket duit suda kering.ish2~dlm keta mngharungi jam,ttba angah bka cerita,about my grandmom,tp kt umahni tak pnggl nenek,kitorg pnggl mak.usually in 2-3months,our grandmom will come and visits us,sleep for akhr2ni mak tak dtg.ingtkn mak tak larat jln jauh perak-kajang~rpa2nye ade cite dsbaliknye.she's upset with ayah,uhuk2....ari2 ayah ada tnggi suara dgn mak,so dia trasa...mmbawa hatinye yg lara plng ke perak.tidak dtg2 ke sni lg..

org kata,org tuani hatinye cpt trasa.mkn tua mkn cpt trasa.mmgla ayah 2 mnantunye,tp klu da trasa mmgla mmbawa hati yg lara.ayah saya mmg not perfect but nevertheless his my dad.ayah sya mmg grang,but nevertheless he still my dad.ayah saya mmg kuat nagging,tp dia ttp ayah saya.ayah saya tak perfect,but he still and always be my dad. bgla the best dad in the world, sya tetap pilih ayah sya....kekadang saya rsa tak puas ati dgn ayah sya,tp sya stiasa doakn kesejahteraan ayah sya.lg mrah sya dgn ayah saya,lg byk doa sya curahkn utk dia.moga2 dia stiasa dlmpahi rhmat dnia akhirat.moga tuhan jauhkn dia dr brasa rsau ttg ank2 dia.sbb only us,family knows him better.wlupn dia ska tnggi suara kt kmi, we love him from the bottom of my heart.sya tak nk mnyesal di kmudian hari.let him or me go first,we dont know.sya mau ayah sya always be there,smasa graduation sya,mnjd wali pernikahan saya dan bemain2 dgn ank2 saya. dan jika ajalnye tlh tba,maka yaAllah,pmudahknla pjlnn beliau dari liang lahad ke hari the end,saya sgt syng ayah saya,eventhough i'll never said straight to him....