Thursday, February 10, 2011


yesterday i'm reading an article in harakah written by tuan guru nik aziz.i'm not talking about politic,but since harakah have lots of slot about religion's perspectives, i'm enjoyed reading it. basically the article talks about politics, but what attract me most was the words that has been used by tuan guru. he said that

" Dlm Quran, Allah tak sebut wahai orang-orang Islam, tp Allah sebut wahai orang-orang yang beriman"

the sentence itself makes me think a lot. as we know Malaysia is an Islamic country. Every single Malay that i met is a Muslim (i dont know someone whom i never met~). So basically we can see that the teaching of Islam is not being fully practised here. even me myself, needs lots of improvement to become a better Muslim. If we believe in Rukun Islam, it doesnt make us complete. we need to accompany it with Rukun Iman. "Beriman dgn Allah s.w.t" adakah kita termasuk dalam golongan itu? adakah kita perasan atau pura-pura tidak tahu bahawa segala bentuk kemenangan yang dijanjikan Allah adalah untuk orang yg beriman, bukannya org Islam?

Actually i'm not qualified enough to discuss it further but its more a reminder for myself. we pray five times a day, but there were several things that Allah forbid, but still we practise it leisurely. maybe it just me,maybe it just as a servant of Him, let us prays every single day to live as as mu'min, and die as a mu'min insyaAllah...

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