Saturday, March 19, 2011

long journey~

rasa macam da lama tak moncoret-coret kat blogni,heh~ but suddenly got idea,and today is the best day to coret-coret. basically i can't said that i'm fully employed, but i'm on my way there. going on training, learning new things before battling in the real work life. but what had been bothering me lately was, my brother suggested to me to become a part time insurance seller...(he has a friend working in the industry and he wants me to go and have a try). for me,its definitely sounds weird because i dont even know how's insurance work,to start with.

so when his friend give us some briefing about the product and things that we need to be promoted, i'm definitely blur. seriously, i dont even know whether i'm interested or not. but because my brother is an accountant, he's assured me that this is an important investment that should be made by everybody.again,my mind keep thinking where on the earth i will find a person to sell this skim with?hurm, negative thought from the beginning,heh~

then las nite we got to listen to some briefing, and my brother said that, he wants to enter this field because he wants to know the exact way how actually the insurance work. and he hope that after he join it, our family can have proper protection. maybe our close friends also.....hurm,i think i get some of the idea, and maybe i need to do some research in order to understand the whole friends, i wouldnt provoke you to buy insurance (takaful) from me(heh~), but maybe if you want to get some idea on how it works, maybe we can work it together...for better future life insyaAllah.....

p/s: i'll only know that there were lots of takaful skim,for women, for hajj and etc....amazing,amazing~