Thursday, August 12, 2010

trying to understand myself

lots of things occurs lately and definitely its not really good,more to bad things. trying so hard to keep my mind positive,go straight towards the destination without pit stop.wallah~its too hard i think.becos evrything is so blur....unreadable

i'm 24,and that's the fact.trying my best to fulfill my dream but the reality is too much.yeah, no success come without problems~
people always said that i'm strong,and i believe their words. their encouragement mean lots to me.they are what we called frens.they give me spirits, and they always believe that i can grab the dreams that i hope 4. they give me strength to gather up every energy that i have and continue this never ending journey....

but when i'm left alone i feel unsecured. everythng's messy...feel like i'm drowning in my own breath.trying and trying but the results are still the same. its not like i cannot accept the fact, but i'm scared when i need to face it alone.evryone have their own life and me?need to understand myself better.need to love myself lots more....i know everything had been arranged by Him, so i need to accept the actual facts.keep fghting!!!!i don care what other people said but all i need to do is work harder in order to fulfill my dream....yeeha!!!